Double-sided tape

When we had our first author Skype, with Mac Barnett, Abbas asked an interesting question: “What do you think about double-sided tape?” Mr. Barnett didn’t skip a beat; his answer was pretty funny.

The next year, when we Skyped with Tom Angleberger, Abbas asked the question again. Mr. Angleberger was thrown off for a second, but recovered nicely.

Now, it’s a tradition. Want to know what authors think of double-sided tape? This is the place for you.

But who will take up the question once Abbas is in middle school?

Authors describe their thoughts on double-sided tape

Mac Barnett: “What do I think about double-sided tape? I think it’s so useful. I think it’s really great, because you don’t have to do that thing where you fold the tape over on itself, which makes it too bulky, it makes it too thick, you know? If you stick it to the wall that way, it always comes off the wall. If you get the double-sided tape it just goes right on there…I got no problems with double-sided tape. I think it’s a great invention.”

Tom Angleberger: “What’s my opinion on using double-sided tape in origami?”
Abbas: “No, just double-sided tape.”
TA: “Double-sided tape, in general, is the greatest invention ever.”
A: “Exactly.”
TA: “All right, good. I’m glad we agree.”

Clete Barrett Smith: “Double-sided tape? I think it’s evil. It sticks to everything. I think it’s a horrible invention.”

Jonathan Auxier: “What’s my opinion on double-sided tape!? Well, I can tell you right now I’ve never had that question asked. I think…ah…you know, I don’t really like it because you can’t hold it without getting it stuck to you. It’s like a trap, right? If you try to take the double-sided tape and you get stuck to it, and then you try to pull this end off, and now you’re stuck here. So, I don’t like double-sided tape, I’d have to say.”

Alan Silberberg: “Only duct tape is better than double-sided tape. Double-sided tape lets you do so many things. If you use enough of it, you can stick to a wall. I think that’s pretty cool.”

Jarrett J. Krosoczka: “Oh, I usually have some on my desk back there. When I’m sketching and I have one sketch I like and another I like, I use it to put them together. It’s like real-life cutting and pasting.”

Stephanie S. Tolan: “Um…double-sided tape? I think it’s a great concept, but it doesn’t ever work as well as it should. Whenever I use it, my things always just fall off the wall.”

Kate Messner: “Well, I think it really depends on the purpose. Often in my house double-sided tape gets used because it can be located, whereas somebody has hidden all the scotch tape or used it all up and not told anybody. So, double-sided tape can be really great and useful, but when you’re trying to use it when really all you need is one side…ah…not the best. I like your question.”

Stephen McCranie: “Double-sided sticky tape? Hmm…Well, it’s really useful if you wanna, like, climb up a building and be Spiderman. Put it on your hands. But…yeah, I think it’s pretty awesome. What do you guys think?”

Sharon Creech: “Now THAT is a question I’ve not been asked before.  I happen to have a roll of double-sided tape right here in my desk drawer. I bought it because it sounded SO cool and I keep meaning to use it — say, when wrapping packages, BUT I always forget about it, and so the roll has been in my drawer for, oh, about 6 years. . .”

We’re always looking to connect with authors, via Skype or any other means. Who will be the next to share their thoughts on this important subject?

And hey! Here’s a poll for visitors! Add your opinion to the pile!


3 Responses

  1. Great! something to put in my biography book when I’m famous.

  2. double sided tape is horible

  3. Oh, sure, it’s easy to badmouth double-sided tape when you’re “Anonymous.”


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