February Book Post – Horton Halfpott

Cover © Harry N. Abrams

Cover © Harry N. Abrams

And onward we march! Our next book is a Guys Read favorite, by a Guys Read favorite author. Horton Halfpott, by Tom Angleberger. Maybe you’ve heard of Mr. Angleberger? He wrote a little series called Origami Yoda! He is the best. THE BEST! Horton is a lot different than Origami Yoda, but it is just as stooky!

Actually, Horton Halfpott has three titles. Here’s the full meal deal:

Horton Halfpott, or

the Fiendish Mystery of Smugwick Manor, or

the Loosening of M’Lady Luggertuck’s Corset

So, make of that what you will. It is a pretty hilarious historical mystery.

Book trailer!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4B4Tr53L-0&rel=0]

Meeting: Thursday, February 27, 6:30-7:30 pm

A couple of years ago, we used Horton with our cross country partnership with SMS Guys Read, the IBRG. Click here for a bunch of links to our crazy videos.


TMCE IBRG #4 – So delicious

It’s been a little crazy here at TMCE, so we hadn’t gotten around to filming a final video for Horton Halfpott and the IBRG until today, despite finishing the book way back on March 30. We finally got our act together and I think it came off quite well.

SMS Guys Read sent us a video before they went on a break of their own. And Mr. H. was even thinking of us when he was on vacation. So that’s cool.

Here’s our video. Hopefully we can squeeze in a few more before the end of our year!

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Also, I compiled all of our Horton videos into a YouTube playlist. Just in case, you know, you want to spend half an hour watching crazy guys be crazy. Here’s the link.

Tom Angleberger is the greatest

IBRG – TMCE #3 – Puppets! Mud! Gar!

It took us a long time to get this made. I was busy with some non-IBRG stuff, and I wasn’t letting guys bug me during lunch. Plus, I hear SMS Guys Read is WAY behind us…

The last video, from SMS, featured pantomime. It was pretty excellent. We decided to further broaden our dramatic repertoire with some fancy puppetry. We selected three scenes featuring the Mire (well, two with the Mire and one with a Lake). The last one is in Chapter 20…so…spoiler alert if you’re not there yet.

By the way, our TMCE IBRG contingent has ballooned. We’ve suddenly more than doubled in size, from four to eleven. The word is getting out.

Had a little video glitch, so this is my second try.

And, as always:


Posted without comment.

Oh, okay, I’ll make a few comments. Would have had this out earlier, but the sound went all crazy on our first British Accent contest. I don’t know why. Too British?

Our Knucklehead feature was totally the guys’ idea, though after they mentioned it I showed them this video, “Ithaca Concert Not Going Well,”  from my favorite band, They Might Be Giants, which served as further inspiration.

Our next video will feature wigs. Guaranteed.

As always:

Intercontinental Ballistic Reading Group Video – TMCE #1

OK, SMS Guys Read, (and Tom Angleberger!). Here’s our first attempt at an IRBG video. We ended up having to save some things for later videos, in the interest of time. And in the interest of getting our video done this week.

We’ve read the first four chapters in Horton Halfpott. We’re enjoying it so far. It certainly has inspired some lunchtime silliness.

Ready for our first video? Here ya go!


Obligatory posting of Twitter reactions from Tom Angleberger:

Click on to read the full text of Abbas’ and Leo’s fantastic attempts at deciphering Tom Angleberger’s cryptic backstory allusions.

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Book-friends Intercontinental Ballistic Reading Group: Horton Halfpott

Cover © Amulet Books

Hey guys. At the meeting last night I explained to you about another Guys Read club, SMS Guys Read in North Carolina, that is interested in doing some reading with us. The plan is to read a book and make some little videos about what we think about it. Then they can respond to our videos, and we can respond to theirs, and so on.

Sound fun? I think it sounds fun. This is kind of like a little Guys Read BONUS edition.

The book we’ll be reading is Horton Halfpott, by Tom Angleberger, of Origami Yoda fame. I know you guys liked OY, and had a great time Skyping with Tom. This book is way different from OY, but it is also pretty silly and funny.

Here’s the book trailer:

I’ve met a lot of friends through reading, especially this year. Mr. H, who runs SMS Guys Read, is one of them. Now you have a chance to meet some friends, too. Even if you just watch each others’ videos and nothing else, you’ll still be connecting through reading, and that’s a pretty cool thing. Plus, how many kids at TMCE can say they have friends all the way across the country in NC?

If we have fun with Horton, we can do it again in April when Tom’s new book comes out, Fake Mustache.

Let me know if you’re interested. Unfortunately, Mrs. B doesn’t have Horton yet in our school library. I’m going to pick up a couple copies of for us. The public library also has several copies.

SMS Guys Read is going to make the first video. I’ll let you know when it comes.

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Update: Another reason to want to do this!