We interviewed Sharon Creech!

sharonHey guys! We’ve only had one meeting this year and already we’ve got a first! Sharon Creech generously agreed to answer some questions over email. Issac, Nathen, and Michael brainstormed a few, and now here is our interview, in all its glory! I’m excited about this. Are you excited about this? Did I mention Sharon Creech is one of my favorite authors ever? Yeah! So I’m excited! And just think…she answered your questions!

Hi, [Mr. S] and Guys–

Happy that you enjoyed Replay!  Here are answers to your questions:

Issac: Where did you get the idea for Replay?

I noticed that my grandchildren were daydreaming and role-playing a lot like I did when I was young, and so I thought I’d write about a child who goes back and forth between daydreaming and ‘reality.’

Issac: Why does Leo daydream?

I wonder what YOU think. .. It seems to me that when Leo daydreams, he can be good at things, or be a star and gain attention, and maybe he daydreams because in his real life he is ‘just a little sardine.’

Issac: How did you get inspired to write?

You mean long ago?  Or now?  I read a lot of stories and then, increasingly, I *saw* everyday things as stories, and so I began to write.  What I especially like about writing fiction is that I can change things:  like Leo, I can make them *better* than they really are, or I can exaggerate them and make them funny or even scary, if I want to.

NathenWhat is your opinion on double-sided tape?

Now THAT is a question I’ve not been asked before.  I happen to have a roll of double-sided tape right here in my desk drawer. I bought it because it sounded SO cool and I keep meaning to use it — say, when wrapping packages, BUT I always forget about it, and so the roll has been in my drawer for, oh, about 6 years. . .

NathenHow did you come up with the idea for Replay?

See above reply. :))

MichaelWhy did you mention Leo finding the box of his father’s stuff?

I didn’t know what Leo would find in the attic at first. When he opened it, it just came to me that it might contain his father’s things and that those things might reveal something about his father that Leo didn’t know. . . There is probably a lot about YOUR own father’s younger life that YOU don’t know.  Maybe you will ask him?

Thanks, GUYS– glad you enjoyed the book.  Happeeeee reading . . .

xx Your author,

Sharon Creech