Last meeting recap!

We definitely finished strong this year. As is our tradition, we ended the year by reading the same book as the Girls Read group, and meeting all together. We ate delicious food, were treated to two mini-Skype guests, had a great discussion, and got some great freebies!



After eating, we started things off with a quick Skype with Tom Angleberger. He told us all about why he doesn’t really like A Wrinkle in Time.


Then we had another quick Skype with Laurel Snyder. She told us why A Wrinkle in Time is a special book for her. Her thoughts really got us thinking!



We ended with some great giveaways! The Meridian PTA purchased the Wrinkle in Time graphic novel adaptation. I gave away a Wrinkle in Time t-shirt that I picked up a year ago. And Village Books donated a whole table full of advance reader copies for us to pore over and pick through! Thanks to our generous sponsors!

It was a great year! Can’t wait to read on during the summer! I hope you find some good ones!

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Synonym Knockout

Today we watched some videos from our pals at SMS Guys Read. They had fun answers to our questions and questions for our answers. Except “Hogwarts” is definitely not a question.

They also played a game called Synonym Knockout, based on the repetitive, redundant, repeating, restating, resaying cabinet of King Azaz in The Phantom Tollbooth.

We tried some Synonym Knockout ourselves. In fact, we ended up playing it several times, as we were having so much fun.

Unfortunately, I sort of reversed my record/stop tapping on a last one, for “silly,” and just ended up with a video of my feet and some muffled something or other. I should have posted it, too, but I deleted it before I thought of it. Ah well.

My guys have funny “thinking faces.”

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Questions and Answers for IBRG

Hello guy readers. Mr. H and I are working hard to keep this thing on track as we wrap up our Guys Read year.

My guys met Wednesday to watch the SMS videos and film one of our own. This one is inspired by a line from Phantom Tollbooth about “questions never answered” and “answers to questions never asked.”  Our answerless questions and questionless answers are pretty silly. Hope your responses are, too!





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May Book Post – A Wrinkle in Time

wrinkleWell, here we are. The end. Our last meeting. It’s been a good year, right?

Our last book of the year is A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeleine L’Engle. This is a science fiction classic that just celebrated its 50th anniversary. We’ve read it before in Guys Read. It’s a tricky story, but I really like it. It might be a good one to read as a family.

Continuing our tradition, the Girls Read club will also read Wrinkle in Time, and we’ll have a potluck dinner and combo meeting. Because of this, we’ll start a half hour earlier, at 6:00.

I’ve got more planned, too! Some giveaways. A super secret Skype quick-guest. Who knows what else?

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Meeting: Thursday, May 22, 6:00-7:30 pm

Return of IBRG

I’ve been so bad. So very bad. Do teachers ever seem busy to you? We’re busy!

Our club proper met last week to discuss The Phantom Tollbooth. We’re excited to get some IBRG craziness going.

I’ve got two videos for you. The first we made a few weeks ago, but were waiting for a permission form. I finally just cut him out (better luck next time!). We’ve got a question for you in there.


Then we have a response video to Mr. H’s question to start things off.


Mr. H and I have been in touch to figure out our next IBRGivity. The next video will come sooner!


April Book Post – The Phantom Tollbooth

Cover © Random House Bullseye Books

Cover © Random House Bullseye Books

Here we are, at the penultimate book. I love the word “penultimate.” Look it up. It is awesome.

As chosen by you, we are reading The Phantom Tollbooth, by Norton Juster. This is a classic story, beloved of many. I’m glad we picked it, because it’s a book every kid should read an enjoy. Sometimes, older books get forgotten or overlooked. Not this time!

Our friends at SMS Guys Read are planning to read this, too. So we’ll be up for some Tollbooth IBRG antics and videos during our Wednesday lunch group. If you’re in that group, get ready. If you’re not, join us!

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Meeting: Thursday, April 24, 6:30-7:30 pm

April Guys’ Choice Poll

Jonathan and Michael have spoken. Here are their nominations for our April book:

Jonathan nominates The Phantom Tollbooth, by Norton Juster. This is a fantasy classic, full of wordplay, puzzles, and strange characters. We have plenty of copies in the library, if we choose this book.

Michael nominates A Long Journey Home, by Joseph Paul and Mary Nuckolls. This book was written by a local author and is a collection of stories she and her son shared. Michael’s mom thinks we would be able to round up enough copies.

A tough choice–the classic or the local connection!

Please vote just once, and feel free to let us know in the comments why we should choose one over the other. Your parent can vote, too.