May Book Post – Jackie’s Wild Seattle

We’ve reached the end! Kind of hard to believe. And sad. But all good things come to an end, someday. Or so they say. But we’ll start again in six months.

Our last book is Jackie’s Wild Seattle by Will Hobbs. I’ve read several books by Mr. Hobbs, and enjoyed all of them. I haven’t read this one, though. Mrs. B. recommends it quite highly, and I’m excited to read it.

I’ve had a great time with Guys Read this year. We may not have a lot of members (Tyler and Ben rock!), but I think we are still a successful club. We have fun reading, and that’s the whole point.

Thanks for a great year!


April Book Post – Danny, Champion of the World

Roald Dahl is fairly famous for his fantasy stories. The BFG, The Witches, James and the Giant Peach. Oh, and a little two-book set about some kid named Charlie and a chocolate factory. Those ones are sort of well-known, I guess.

This book is not a fantasy. It’s semi-autobiographical, realistic fiction. I’m excited to hear what you all think of it.

This is our penultimate meeting of the year! Wow! Time flies. We’ve read some great books this year. Thanks for helping make this a great club!

See you soon!

March Book Post – Guts

Hey guys! I’m really excited for this book. It’s our first nonfiction of the year, and it’s also a companion to Hatchet, which we read last year. Just looking at the chapter titles shows that this is going to be quite a book.

Check out the “Recommend Books” post. Ben made a suggestion a little while ago, and I just put up a link to an article about guys reading that has some good titles. Anything to find some good stories!

Hope to see you for our meeting at the end of March! Keep reading!

February Book Post – The Watsons Go to Birmingham

He, guys! Our February book is another historical fiction, though it’s set about 200 years after Sign of the Beaver. It’s called The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963, and is the first book by Christopher Paul Curtis. Mr. Curtis is one of my favorite authors. He won the Newbery Medal for his second book, Bud, not Buddy, a Newbery Honor for Watsons, and just received another Newbery Honor for his latest novel, Elijah of Buxton. Wow!

And here’s some exciting news! Mr. Curtis will be in Bellingham just two days after our meeting! I’m planning to go to see him, and I hope to bring your questions! So be thinking about what you might want to ask!

See you soon!

December/January Book Post – Sign of the Beaver

A bit of a disappointing turnout last month, especially after our great first meeting. But I know how it is. Busy busy. Even I had a hard time squeezing in Guys Read last month. And I organize it!

Our third book this year will be Sign of the Beaver, by Elizabeth George Speare. In my head, I had her confused with Jean Craighead George. Maybe it had to do with middle names and “George.”

Anyway. I’m looking forward to meeting early next year, after all this excitement of the holidays dies down. Don’t forget to read over the break!

November Book Post – Rescue Josh McGuire

What fun to be a part of such a promising group of guy readers! I’m excited. I think it’s going to be a great year.

Our second book this year is Rescue Josh McGuire, by Ben Mikaelsen. It’s another book that I haven’t read, so I’m looking forward to getting started. I have read another of Mr. Mikaelsen’s books, Sparrowhawk Red. I liked it. Especially the suspense.

Encourage your friends to join us this month! The more the merrier!

October Book Post – The Janitor’s Boy

Welcome to another year of guys reading! I’m super-duper excited this year because, for the first time, we’ll have returning members as well as new members. I’m looking forward to some great veteran leadership.

We’re starting off this year with Andrew Clements’ The Janitor’s Boy. I’ve never read this book, so I’m excited to experience it for the first time. I’ve read some other books by Mr. Clements, and liked them.

I can’t wait for our first meeting! Let’s get reading!