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October Book Post – Duke

17265217UPDATE! We’ll be Skyping with author Kirby Larson at our Oct. 29 meeting! Huzzah! Hope you can make it!

Here we go again, guys! We are off and running on another year of TMC Guys Read. This club never gets old. It will be a good year.

Our first book is Duke, by Kirby Larson. This is a great, great World War II historical fiction book, set in Seattle. Kirby lives in Washington, and is a real friend of readers everywhere. She is a historical fiction master. I think you’ll love Duke.

We will meet at the end of October to talk books, eat treats, and have fun! Can’t wait!

Keep reading!

Meeting: Thursday, October 29, 6:30-7:30 pm, in the library

PS – If you loved Duke, you should read Kirby’s companion book, Dash. It is another Seattle World War II dog and kid story, but from a whole different side of the war impact.


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