Return of IBRG

I’ve been so bad. So very bad. Do teachers ever seem busy to you? We’re busy!

Our club proper met last week to discuss The Phantom Tollbooth. We’re excited to get some IBRG craziness going.

I’ve got two videos for you. The first we made a few weeks ago, but were waiting for a permission form. I finally just cut him out (better luck next time!). We’ve got a question for you in there.


Then we have a response video to Mr. H’s question to start things off.


Mr. H and I have been in touch to figure out our next IBRGivity. The next video will come sooner!



2 Responses

  1. Hey Mr. S and TMC Guys Read,

    Thanks for the responses, but Mr. S we can’t see the first video, it is marked as private.

    We will be in touch soon,

    Mr. H
    SMS Guys Read

  2. Ah, frumble bumble. Whoops! I think it should be fixed now.

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