Little Duckling’s Big Problem

Well, it took us a good long time, but we did it! Inspired by Battle Bunny, Jon Scieszka and Mac Barnett’s hilarious book mash. Fueled by the unstoppable engine of the Intercontinental Ballistic Reading Group. Awesomeness has arrived, and its name is:

“Little Duckling’s Big Problem”

What’s that you say? “Not awesome”? Well, I guess you’ll have to make it awesome.

That’s right. We have finished our sweet and heartwarming story. We have illustrated it with Microsoft’s vast clip art library. Now we send it out into the world to be “improved.” Deface away, oh guy readers! Our masterpiece is yours to spoil!

Here you go: Little Duckling’s Big Problem

And, friends at SMS Guys Read: We will make you a video next week. Stay warm, Southerners!


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