January Book Post – The Watsons Go to Birmingham

Cover © Laurel Leaf

Cover © Laurel Leaf

The dark days of December doomed our date last week. For only the second time ever, your fearless leader was the only Guy Reader at the meeting. It’s OK. I know lives are busy and time is tight. Hopefully, we can recover after Winter Break.

Our next book is The Watsons Go to Birmingham–1963, by Christopher Paul Curtis. This was Mr. Curtis’ first book, and I’ve been a big fan of his ever since. He is a great writer and a funny guy–one of my favorite authors. At the meeting, I’ll tell you a story about when I met him once (actually, I’ve met him twice!).

Historical fiction is always interesting to read, especially if it is like this book, teaching you so much about the time and place of the story.

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Meeting: Thursday, January 23, 6:30-7:30 pm


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  1. Oh, it was so nice to have members again! Welcome, Andrew and Mike! Welcome back, Michael and Jonathan! It was great talking Watsons! And eating cookies. Next time I will really make Swedish cremes.

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