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Review: Astronaut Academy: Re-entry

Cover © First Second

Cover © First Second

It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote a review. I hope you’ve been busy reading.

Today, someone in Greece visited the blog. That’s crazy, right?

I’ve got a great, great graphic novel for you guys today. And it is in stores today, too!

Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry is the sequel to Dave Roman‘s first graphic novel, AA: Zero Gravity. It continues the story of Hakata Soy and the students at a space school. The first book is fun and hilarious, and this one is a perfect follow up.

The action centers on two things: An epic Fireball tournament (kind of like lacrosse, but with fireballs), and a mysterious heart stealing monster. Umm…maybe you have to read it to get it. Trust me, it is so good.

Dave Roman is really a champion of kids comics. He has a whole podcast devoted to kids comics, and does a lot of work to promote, encourage, and support comics reading. If an adult ever tells you that comics don’t count as reading, you can send them this article he wrote. And he Skyped with my class a few weeks ago! He is a great and talented guy.

One thing that I really love about Astronaut Academy is the voice. Do your teachers talk to you about voice in writing? It can be a tricky thing to master–who knew that it would be so hard to write in natural ways that sound like us? I think Astronaut Academy proves Dave Roman is a master of voice. Here’s why: The words all come out sort of manga like. Have you read any mangas? Or have you seen any of those Japanese animation movies that have been translated into English? Often, the words end up fitting together a little…funny, because of the translation. Dave Roman has written in a sort of “translated” style, even though he wrote it in English and it doesn’t need to be translated. It gives the book and interesting, unique feel.

Why do you think he did this? Maybe he really loves manga, and wanted to do a kind of tribute to that style. Or maybe he wanted readers to connect his book with the elements of manga, to put the reader in a certain frame of mind. Whatever his reason, Astronaut Academy is a great example of how voice can impact a story.

Check out Re-Entry, and Zero Gravity, if you haven’t already! You won’t regret it!

Book trailer!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ilb0_hZ49aE&rel=0]

Keep reading!

Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry

By Dave Roman

192 pages

Genre: Science fiction; humor; heart-eating monsters; faux manga

Source: NetGalley

On shelves today!


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