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Review: Hide and Seek

Cover © Scholastic Books

Cover © Scholastic Books

A sequel for you today. Though, really, there’s no particular need to read the first book, unless you want to (which you should!). Hide and Seek works great as it’s own story.

Kate Messner is one of my favorite authors. I’ve reviewed one of her books before. I’ve loved all of her books. She’s already a superstar author, to me, but I think in ten years she’ll be a superstar to everyone.

Hide and Seek is an action-packed mystery set in Costa Rica. A priceless golden cup is missing. Members of the Silver Jaguar Society, a secret group who defends the world’s treasures, is sent to find the culprit, and the cup. Three kids, Anna, José, and Henry, get to tag along–their relatives are all Silver Jaguars! You can guess what happens. It’s a wild jungle mystery adventure!

Hide and Seek is the sequel to Capture the Flag (Notice the kids’ game title theme?). The first book was about a stolen flag. But not just any flag! This is the Star Spangled Banner–the flag our national anthem was written about!

I love these mysteries because they are both fun and interesting. Capture the Flag is full of historical tidbits. Hide and Seek is full of jungle plants and animals. These true facts are important to a story. Why do you think? Including details and little facts and tidbits can help make the setting more real for the reader. Describing the jungle is fine, but sneaking in encounters with real jungle creatures–that makes you feel like you’re there! Developing setting is very important, and Kate Messner does a great job transporting us to Costa Rica. I wonder what and where she will write about next!

There will be a third book in this series, too. It’s called Manhunt (which is another kids’ game–like tag). It won’t be out for a bit, though.

Keep reading!

Hide and Seek

By Kate Messner

256 pages

Genre: Mystery; jungle!

Source: ARC from ALA Midwinter

On shelves now!


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