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March Book Post: Crossing the Wire

Cover © HarperCollins

Cover © HarperCollins

Good fun at the meeting last week, guys. We’ve got a great core group with lots of fun ideas.

Our next book is Crossing the Wire, by Will Hobbs. We’ve read this before in Guys Read. And we’ve read other books by Will Hobbs. So, a tried and true Guys Read author. I really like Crossing the Wire. It will give us a ton to talk about.

Don’t forget to vote for our April book! Some great choices offered by the guys. I will have the poll up soon.

And don’t let Jonathan skate to an easy victory in the Blogger of the Year contest. You, too, can comment and write reviews. Have at it!

It is rainy and disgusting out. I think I’ll read a book! How about you?

Keep reading!

Meeting: March 28, 6:30-7:30 pm


5 Responses

  1. Hi TMC! I have been reading CROSSING THE WIRE, our Guysread book for March. So far for me it is exciting. But it isn’t as gripping as some of the books we have been reading, like HOW THEY CROAKED.

  2. Hey, thanks for commenting, Lowell!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Crossing the Wire.

    Did you vote in the poll? Don’t forget!

  3. Just voted and had to write something about Crossing the Wire.
    I’m constantly thinking about all of the stuff we take for granted in our lives. I have never been so hungry it felt like ” a claw in my stomach” or having to find a safe place to sleep each night.

    Great book!!!

  4. Victors adventure don’t you like the sound of that? It has a ring to it right?

  5. Missed you at the meeting tonight, Nathen! Next time!

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