Review: Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally)

Cover © Arthur A. Levine Books

Cover © Arthur A. Levine Books

OK. I admit it. The reviews I post lean a little more toward the fifth grade than the fourth grade. That’s not fair, right? TMC Guys Read is a fourth and fifth grade club. I’m going to try to make sure I post reviews that appeal to the younger end of our club (and anyone else who visits our blog).

So, I picked this series up last week. The first book is Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally), and the second is Bobby the Brave (Sometimes). They are by Lisa Yee. I haven’t read any of her other books, but they are on my list. I’ve heard good things. That’s part of why I picked them up. The other reason is the illustrator, Dan Santat, who is basically a genius. I love all of his work, most of which is picture books. He does have one graphic novel, Sidekicks. Have you read it?

So, Bobby vs. is about a fourth grade boy, Bobby, whose best friend is a girl, Holly. They have been friends since they were babies. But now that fourth grade has started, they have started to be wary of the stigma of boy-girl friendships. They have other friends, and don’t really hang out at school.

Bobby is a nice kid, but he’s a little clueless and pretty clumsy. Through a series of unintentional events, he sort of starts a big conflict between the boys and the girls at his school, including Holly and himself.

I thought Bobby vs. was great. It has some really funny parts, some serious parts, some silly parts. It is everything a good school story should be. If you read it, you’ll probably recognize some of the characters. Maybe there are kids like them in your class. Maybe you are friends with some of them. Maybe you are like one of the characters! Bobby is a pretty regular kid. He’s good at some things, not good at others. He does some stupid stuff, he makes some mistakes, he has some fears and insecurities. He’s also mostly happy, likes to fool around, and is a great big brother.

And Dan Santat’s illustrations are perfect, of course.

If you’re looking for a great, fun read, Bobby vs. Girls and the sequel, Bobby the Brave, are great choices.

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Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally)

By Lisa Yee

160 pages

Genre: Realistic fiction; school story

Source: Oh, I got it at the good old public library!

Available now


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  1. […] On the TMCE Guys Read blog, I reviewed Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally), by Lisa Yee. […]

  2. […] On the TMCE Guys Read blog, I reviewed Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally), by Lisa Yee. […]

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