Review: Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow

Cover © Dial

Cover © Dial

I made it! This is what happens when you set goals, folks. You get results! I wanted to give you three reviews this month, and so I did! Now, the logical next step is to set new goals. So you heard it here first (where else would you hear it?): I aim to give you at least three reviews every month. Break out your to-read lists, boys!

Usually I review books that I read on NetGalley or somehow receive an advance copy of. I kind of feel like I should review those books as a thank you for the privilege of reading them for free (and often before they are published!). If I’m going to do this three-reviews-a-month gig, though, I might have to expand. So I’m throwing this one into the mix.

Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow, by Nathan Bransford, is a hilarious science fiction adventure. It’s about Jacob (every substitute teacher’s worst nightmare–he’s not mean, just…troublesome) and his two friends. While causing no trouble at all in their neighborhood, they just happen to run into a silver-suited man, who just happens to offer them a space ship in exchange for corn dogs. Sweet deal, right?

So off they go into space, but then a little of this happens, a little of that happens, and KAPOW! They’re lost, they’ve created a massive asteroid system blocking them from their beloved Milky Way, and possibly destroyed Earth. After that, it just gets crazier.

When I first read Tom Angleberger’s hilarious book Fake Mustache, I had a hard time deciding on the genre. It was sort of realistic fiction, but not that realistic. I decided to make a new genre: Ridiculous fiction. Jacob Wonderbar is sort of like ridiculous science fiction. So silly, so funny, so sort ofodd. I really enjoyed it. The writing was fun and light, and the characters were clever and funny.

So. Let me let you in on another element of reading and writing. It’s called willing suspension of disbelief. This is when you know something doesn’t really work right, couldn’t really happen, etc., but you don’t care because you’re enjoying the story. Sometimes the author sort of asks the reader to suspend their disbelief. You have to suspend your disbelief to really enjoy Fake Mustache. And you definitely have to suspend disbelief to really enjoy Jacob WonderbarNow, we all know science fiction is already not realistic, but Jacob Wonderbar is unbelievable even in a sci-fi universe. So, just ignore that little fact. Suspend your disbelief and enjoy the ride.

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Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow

By Nathan Bransford

284 pages

Genre: Science fiction; funny; ridiculous fiction

Source: Oh, I got it at the good old public library!

Available now


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  1. Thanks for posting this one. I’m adding it to my World Wednesday round up.

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