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Stephen McCranie gives us a comics lesson


A little slow getting this up. Sorry, guys!

We had a great time Skyping with Stephen McCranie during our Graphic Novelember meeting. Talking with authors is always wonderful, but Stephen added a whole new element by pretty much turning us into comics experts! Do you remember the big ideas?

I really liked how he showed that so many common cartoon characters are really just basic shapes, with features added. You guys are good at identifying cartoons, by the way! I knew Mickey Mouse and Spongebob, but I could never guess Phinneas. Or was it Ferb? Aw, see? I’m not as hip as I look.

Anyway. Stephen sent us some goodies to print out and enjoy. Stop by Room 3 and say the magic word “mustache” and I’ll give them to you!

I might try to track down his new book, Belly Flop, over Winter Break.

Keep reading!

[tweet http://twitter.com/stephenmccranie/status/274951982295425024] [tweet http://twitter.com/stephenmccranie/status/274348356233461763]

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