September/October Book Post – Sasquatch

Cover © Hyperion

Here we go again, boys! I’m looking forward to a great new year with Guys Read. We’ve got some super books lined up, I’m throwing in a little more “guy choice,” and I’m sure there will be even more!

Our first book of the year is Sasquatch, by Roland Smith. This is a great fantasy…er…realistic fiction… er… book. Perfect for us Pacific Northwesterners. We’ve read Sasquatch before in Guys Read, but not for a while. I think you’ll like it.

Stay tuned, too, for news on the second edition of the Intercontinental Ballistic Reading Group, our lunchtime book club partnership with SMS Guys Read 6th graders in North Carolina. They’ve already made a few videos. We better get on it! Check out some of what we did last year.

OK! Go get Sasquatch from the library! The end of October will be here before you know it!

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Meeting: Thursday, October 25, 6:30-7:30 pm


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  1. Great first meeting of the year, guys! I had a great time! Don’t forget to do some recruiting–the more the merrier. I’ll even give you a prize for each new member you get to come.

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