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Review: 3 Below

Cover © Scholastic Press

Number three in my “Week in Review” is a book by our old friend Patrick Carman. It’s the second book his new Floors series, 3 Below.

If you haven’t read the first book, here’s a quick overview: Leo’s dad is the maintenance man of the Whippet Hotel, a strange, eclectic, and very expensive hotel on a piece of prime real estate in the big city. It was created by Merganzer Whippet, an inventor and mostly-sane-person-with-crazy-ideas. The hotel is in danger of being taken over, and with Merganzer missing, it’s up to Leo and his bellhop friend Remi to save the day. With some help from the ducks that live on the roof.

Yeah, it’s pretty wild.

Book 2 has the hotel yet again in danger of take over (that real estate really is prime), Merganzer once again absent, and Leo and Remi once again tasked with saving the day. However, this time the answers lie below, in previously undiscovered basement floors–the heart of this crazy hotel.

Floors reminds me a lot of Roald Dahl. It is wild, crazy, and a lot of fun. Each of the floors have different features and rooms. There’s a farm room, a pinball room, a cake room, a cave room. Down below is a jungle, a mad scientist, and a strange system of gears. Everything is very creative and fantastical, which makes Floors a great series worth reading.

As you know, Patrick Carman writes some interesting books, featuring online videos and such. Floors is just a regular book. It’s great without the extra media, and it also shows Mr. Carman’s creativity and versatility as a writer.

I liked Book 2 just as much as the first one, and Mr. Carman definitely leaves us hanging a bit, so I’m sure a Book 3 is in the works.

I’ve got Books 1 and 2 in Room 3. Check ’em out!

Book 1 book trailer!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACId2VzTT9s]

Keep reading!

3 Below [Floors #2]

By Patrick Carman

240 pages

Genre: Fantasy; mystery; wacky

Source: NetGalley, and then a librarian friend picked me up an advance copy at ALA

On shelves September 1 , 2012


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