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Review: The Prince Who Fell From the Sky

Cover © Random House Children’s Books

So, here we go with my first summer review. I hope to have one of these up for you guys at least twice a month, but we’ll see how it goes. I already have some scheduled for the end of the summer.

What we have here is the definition of a cool book. John Claude Bemis has done some great work with The Prince Who Fell From the Sky. See if you can resist this brief summary: It is the future. All humans have disappeared from the earth. The forests are ruled by wolves, and the ruins of cities are strange and dangerous. But what’s this? Some relic crashing from the sky? A human boy emerging from the wreckage? Surely he must die. But…

So begins the journey of a boy, a bear, a rat, and a dog as they try to bring to safety one who could upset the delicate balance of this futuristic world.

I really, really liked this book. Everything was written from the perspective of animals, who had been without human influence in their living memory. Descriptions of “relics” and misguided explanations of human technologies where puzzling and entertaining. It was fascinating to try to figure out what the animals were encountering. It was probably equally fascinating for Mr. Bemis to imagine how to describe everyday things from the perspective of a being with no memory or understanding of them.

I think you’ll love this book if you like adventure or science fiction. I could definitely see reading this book in Guys Read when it hits paperback. Lots of topics for discussion. If you’re stuck for a book to read this summer, this would be a good pick!

Keep reading!

The Prince Who Fell From the Sky

By John Claude Bemis

272 pages

Genre: Adventure, science fiction, animals, quests

Source: NetGalley

On shelves now


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