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Review: Uncle John’s Kid-topia Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!

Cover © Portable Press

Here’s a fun one for you guys. Uncle John (I’m not sure who that is) and the Bathroom Readers’ Institute have put together many, many of these books. They are designed to be read in the bathroom. While you’re…you know…going to the bathroom. What does that mean for book design? Well, it means the whole book is full of short little unrelated bits, able to be read in a minute or two, without needing to remember what you read before and without feeling like you have to keep reading to see what’s next.

This new kids’ version follows the same format as the many adult editions, but is geared specifically to kids. And really, guys, this is right up our alley. The book is jam-packed with amazing facts, weird historical tidbits, mazes, puzzles, jokes, and more. There’s science, history, sports, pop culture. A lot of it is funny, a lot of it is gross, and all of it is interesting and entertaining. All in small, quick-to-read sizes.

Obviously, this book was written with bathroom reading in mind, but it would be great for car trips, waiting around at a restaurant, or any other time when you’ve got a few minutes to spare.

Keep reading (no matter where you are or what you’re doing)!

Uncle John’s Kid-topia Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!

By The Bathroom Readers’ Institute

288 pages

Genre: Weird facts, science, history, popular culture, jokes, puzzles, mazes, projects, and more

Source: NetGalley

On shelves June 12, 2012


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