Review: Alien on a Rampage

Cover © Disney-Hyperion

Three things, right off the bat:

1. This book comes out in one week.

2. Members of Guys Read and the Mother/Daughter Book Club have a chance to win my advance copy on Thursday at our final meeting of the year. That’s 5 days before it comes out!

3. On Saturday, June 2, from 2-4pm, Clete Smith and Village Books are holding a Book Release Party at Whatcom Middle School, in Bellingham.

OK. Continuing on.

I really liked Aliens on Vacation. Then Clete Barrett Smith came to our school and classroom, and I really, really liked it. Then I read it again for Guys Read and Clete Barrett Smith came to our book club and I really, really, really liked it. I feel so grateful that Clete is a part of our community. We are really lucky.

I’m really lucky, too, because Clete emailed me and asked if I wanted an advance copy of his new book, Alien on a Rampage. Of course I do! You’re really lucky, too. See #2 above.

Alien on a Rampage picks up the summer after Vacation, with David returning to his grandma’s crazy bed and breakfast. This time there’s trouble, however. And David is the only one who knows about it. This time there’s a real bad guy. Sheriff Tate was kind of a jerk in the first book, but he wasn’t really evil. No doubt about the new villian. He’s bad. Like end-of-the-world bad.

Aside from the darker character and the whole end-of-the-world thing, Rampage feels a lot like the first book. Lots of humor, fast-paced, thoroughly entertaining. There’s tension with Tate, awkward romance with Amy, and continued alien strangeness. The title is great, too. It’s got a double meaning, since the bad guy might be “on a rampage,” or the strange purple alien pet pictured on the cover might be “on a rampage.” Either and both, I think.

The last 60 pages or so really roll–I stayed up way too late reading. Beware!

If you liked Aliens on Vacation, you’ll absolutely want to pick up Alien on a Rampage. It’s a great second book in a great series. I can’t wait for #3!

Keep reading!

Alien on a Rampage

By Clete Barrett Smith

304 pages

Genre: Science fiction, humor, end-of-the-world

Source: NetGalley and then ARC sent from the publisher for review

On shelves June 5, 2012.


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