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Review: Giants Beware!

Cover © First Second

It’s been a while since I put up a review. I had a good run of one-per-week there, but…you know…life gets busy. I’ve been reading plenty, just not reviewing.

So here we are again!

After our month of graphic novel fun, I’ve been catching up on a few more. I read some more Tintin, got some Lunch Ladies from the public library (I also sent “Purchase Suggestions” for all of the ones they didn’t have), and I took a sneak peek at this new title that came out in early April.

Giants Beware! is the work of author Jorge Aguirre and illustrator Rafael Rosado. It’s a wonderful epic adventure set in the middle ages. Giants, witches, knights, dark forests. Great fun.

The art is wonderful and vibrant. There’s something pleasant about the simplicity of Lunch Lady and Babymouse, but there’s nothing better than full color, beautiful art like Amulet or The Olympians. Giants is definitely of the full spectrum variety, and it’s perfect.

There’s a lot of humor in this story, and it’s the characters that bring it out. In fact, the unique, clever, and hilarious characters were my favorite part of the book. Take a look at the cover. You’ve got a princess-wannabe, concerned mostly with etiquette and fashion. Next, the timid younger brother, who dreams of becoming the town’s premiere chef/swordmaker. Except he’s scared of swords. But he can really cook! There’s a pug. And then there’s Claudette. That’s right, that red-haired terror is a girl, aiming to become the most famous giant slayer ever. She’s bold, brave, and a little crazy. Which to me means she’s awesome.

I definitely recommend you check this one out, guys. It’s full of adventure and humor, the art is great, and it promises to be a super new graphic novel series.

Keep reading!

Giants Beware!

By Jorge Aguirre and Rafael Rosado

208 pages

Genre: Adventure, fantasy, comedy

Source: NetGalley

On shelves April 10, 2012.


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