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IBRG – TMCE #3 – Puppets! Mud! Gar!

It took us a long time to get this made. I was busy with some non-IBRG stuff, and I wasn’t letting guys bug me during lunch. Plus, I hear SMS Guys Read is WAY behind us…

The last video, from SMS, featured pantomime. It was pretty excellent. We decided to further broaden our dramatic repertoire with some fancy puppetry. We selected three scenes featuring the Mire (well, two with the Mire and one with a Lake). The last one is in Chapter 20…so…spoiler alert if you’re not there yet.

By the way, our TMCE IBRG contingent has ballooned. We’ve suddenly more than doubled in size, from four to eleven. The word is getting out.

Had a little video glitch, so this is my second try.

And, as always:


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