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Review: Dragon Puncher Island

Cover © Top Shelf Productions

I’ve been reading a fair number of graphic novels lately. Partly because I like them. Partly to prepare for March and our graphic novel extravaganza. NetGalley has had a good number available, so that obviously helps, too.

I’ve read one other graphic novel by James Kochalka, Monkey vs. Robot. It was really weird. It had almost no words, and was basically a big battle between monkeys and robots. It was actually kind of sad in the end.

Dragon Puncher Island is also weird, but it is pretty funny, too. It’s more appropriate for kids than M vs. R. The thing that makes it kind of cool is that Kochalka has taken photos of a beach, and then photoshopped drawings of his characters on top of them. Plus, the characters have photo faces. And, those character faces are: Mr. Kochalka, his two kids, and his two cats. So silly. Pretty funny, too.

DPI is short, funny, and different. Those seem like good reasons to read it to me. Check it out!

Keep reading!

Dragon Puncher Island

By James Kochalka

40 pages

Genre: Fantasy, cats, dragons, spoons

Source: NetGalley

This book released on November 29, 2011.


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