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December/January Book Post – Trackers and/or Skeleton Creek

Cover © Scholastic Press

We’ve got a Patrick Carman double-feature for you during our long two-monther. Actually, it’s only a double-feature if you want it to be. It depends on how much you like to get scared.

OK, first off, Patrick Carman writes some interesting stuff. The two books I’ve selected both follow the same format, and it’s an interesting one. There is the story, written as usual…you know…in the book. But then there are links for online videos that go with the story! They’re stories told in words and videos. Have you ever read a book like that before?

So, on to our two selections.

Skeleton Creek is the scary one. Like, really scary. I talked to one fifth grader last year who loved the books, but was always too scared to watch the videos. They are pretty creepy. You have been warned.

Trackers is kind of like a kids spy book. It’s exciting and thrilling and sort of scary, but not in a creepy way. Just in an exciting way.

Both are good. You can read either, or both. We’ll probably spend as much time talking about the format as we will the stories.

The website for the videos that go with Skeleton Creek is: sarahfincher.com (Sarah is a character in the story).

The website for Trackers videos is: www.trackersinterface.com

Hopefully, we will be able to Skype with Patrick Carman. I’m working on it. [Update: He’s doing a lot of movie work and can’t fit it in. Bummer!]

OK, now for a big announcement:

Cover © Scholastic Press

At the end of February, Patrick Carman will actually be in Bellingham for a big children’s literature conference that happens at Western Washington University. So I’ll be able to get everyone autographs, if you buy any of his books. That’s exciting, but that’s not even the big news.

I’ve been asked by the conference organizers to have our Guys Read Club create Mr. Carman’s video introduction! Can you believe it? How fun is that? I wanted to put it in your mind so that you could start thinking about what we could say or do for this. I have some ideas, but I’m eager to hear yours.

Plus, now maybe you could grab a few extra Carman books to read over the break? Come see me if you need suggestions. Mrs. B has his fantasy series, The Land of Elyon, in the library. I’ve got his new books Floors (silly fun) and 3:15 (another scary one) in Room 3.

Whoa. This was a long book post.

Keep reading!

Meeting: Thursday, January 26, 6:30-7:30 pm

Video Intro work dates: To be announced

Click on for book trailers!


One Response

  1. That was fun tonight, guys! Patrick Carman gave us a lot to talk about, and not just the storylines! It’s fun to be able to talk about being scared, especially with the lights on and parents in the room. They’ll keep us safe.

    Don’t forget that I can get any Patrick Carman books you have autographed. I’ll send out a reminder when the date gets close.

    And I’m looking forward to our video project with SMS Guys Read and Tom Angleberger’s book Horton Halfpott. I hope some of you decide to join in the fun!

    Hope you liked the chocolate chip pumpkin bread, too. I ate like four pieces on the way home…

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