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“General George Washington!”

Oh, man. Was that better than launching rockets? I think that was better than launching rockets.

We had a great chat with Mac Barnett. Topics discussed included future books (including a sneak peek at the cover of the next Brixton Brothers book, due out in October), facial hair, double-sided tape, and his new dog, Henry. I was still buzzing about it when I went to bed three hours later. How about you?

I tried to video the chat, but I ended up with a “Cannot merge audio and video streams” error message. I think the video is lost, but the audio remains, and here it is:

I’ve already listened to it twice.

Mr. F. took some pictures and a short video, as well. Check them out!


One Response

  1. Adam Rex, who does the covers and illustrations for the Brixton Brothers series, just posted on his blog about how he went about creating the cover of It Happened on a Train, Brixton Brothers #3.

    Here’s part one.

    And here’s part two.

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