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December/January Book Post – Hatchet AND Brian’s Winter

Cover © Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

OK! We’re rolling now. Welcome, Martin! We’re glad to have you!

For the first time ever, we’re reading two books for one meeting. I think it will be OK since we really have two months before the next meeting, which will be at the end of January.

I feel that Hatchet is about as “Guys Read” as it can get. It’s a great book. We’ve read it every two years ever since our Guys Read club started. Here’s one of the old posts. Here’s another of them.

This year, we’re reading it again, but we’re throwing in a new twist. Gary Paulsen wrote several sequels to Hatchet. Brian’s Return, The River, Brian’s Hunt. I remember reading The River when I was a kid. I don’t think I’ve read the others (yet).

Then Mr. Paulsen did a few other things of particular interest. One was to write a nonfiction book, Guts, that told the true stories behind the Brian books. We’ve read it before for Guys Read, too. It’s pretty interesting, and a little gross. Perfect for guys, of course.

Last, and maybe most interesting, is Brian’s Winter. This isn’t exactly a sequel. It’s more like an alternate ending.A “what if?” type thing. Which is great, because it kind of answers one of the big questions we usually talk about when we read Hatchet. Mr. F. has read it and says it’s excellent. I haven’t read it, myself.

Cover © Random House Children's Books

Anyway, here’s what we’re doing. Read Hatchet. Enjoy it. Then read Brian’s Winter. Enjoy it, too. Then come talk and eat!

Now, I know two books might be a little daunting. I understand. So just try. As always, you are welcome at the meeting even if you haven’t finished the book(s). But we’ve got two whole months, including winter break! Plenty of time, so I think we can do it! Pace yourself!

Meeting: Thursday, January 27, 6:30 pm


7 Responses

  1. ok read the first 13 pages of hatchet its halarious also sad the pilots body gas thes sad is he has a heartattack

  2. I hope it’s OK that I moved your comment to this post, Martin. Since it’s about Hatchet.

    I agree, the part with the pilot is pretty interesting. I want to laugh because of the farting, but then it’s also scary and sad. Mr. Paulsen put a lot of different emotions into that part.

    Thanks for commenting! Don’t forget…um…capital letters and periods? :^)

  3. It is a great story start to finish. I like how throughout the book he reflects back to what he has learned in school or his life, and how it can help him in his current situation. When I taught (yes I used to be a teacher :) reading I noticed anyone who liked Hatchet, loved Brian’s Winter. I encourage to read both!

    Glad you are enjoying it Martin, and I can’t wait to start talking to everyone about Hatchet.

  4. I finished Hatchet last night. I’ve read it so many times, and it’s always great. I even thought of a few things I hadn’t before, so I’ll share them at the meeting.

    I can’t wait to get started on Brian’s Winter. I’ve never read it, and it sounds pretty good.

    See you Thursday!

  5. Hey, Mr. S! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your blog looks good too. You’ve written about several of my favorites. Would you mind if I put a link toyour blogon ours? Also, would your guys like to send reviews to our blog? I’ll give out a free book to anyone who does. (Plus, I’m planning on running contests in Feb. and March. Keep your eye on my blog to find out more)

  6. IGC, you can definitely put a link on your blog. I didn’t ask your permission to put yours on ours…

    As for reviews, some of my guys might be interested, but we’re way over in Washington state, so I don’t know about the free books.

    Thanks for stopping by! Keep up the great work in North Carolina!

  7. Fun meeting last night, guys! Lots of fun gross stuff to talk about in these books. “Highlights” included the spilling of moose guts and the fish nibbled pilot. Ugh…er…cool…maybe?

    We had a peach-berry betty. Brian had a peach whip for his first survival pack meal, ate lots of berries, and had a “pet” skunk named Betty. So it was the perfect treat!

    I also passed out some character trading cards that I made online. Here’s the link. If you make some for other Guys Read books, print out a few copies and we can start a collection!

    OK! Talk to you soon!

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