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Summer time…

…and the reading is easy.

Great year, guys! We had some very strong months, attendance-wise. Some of our best ever. We’ll be sad to see Camden and Will and the rest of the fifth graders go. But I’m sure Riley and Trevor and the rest of the soon-to-be fifth graders will do a great job taking over the reins.

Congrats to John, blogger of the year!

No one ever gave me any titles to vote on for next year, so I guess I get to pick them all! I don’t mind, but I’ll try to get that going better next time.

And, um. There won’t be any new blog posts over the summer (unless I discover something particularly cool and guyish), but you can use this post to comment about anything summer time: Great books read, camping adventures, video games beaten, snakes captured, etc. I’ll pop in from time to time to let you know what I’ve been reading. You should, too! And of course, all posts are open for comments, and recommendations and reviews are always welcome. I might even give a small prize to the guy who comments most during the summer.

See you next time!


5 Responses

  1. I’m looking forward to reading some books this summer. I can’t wait to hear about what everyone else is reading. I have a feeling the non fiction book this year will be about the “never say it’s over US World Cup team.”

  2. Hmm…I’ve already chosen a non-fiction book, and it’s about a different sport.

    Would this speculative book about the “never say it’s over US World Cup team” be as nerve-wracking as the team itself?

    I’ve been reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader from the Chronicles of Narnia. It’s good so far, but I’m not getting too much reading done because there’s so much soccer to watch and projects to do.

    Sigh. I love summer. Go USA!

  3. Just finished The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I liked it, but I also just saw the preview for the movie when I went to see Toy Story 3. It looks like there are some changes in the movie version that I don’t like the looks of, specifically bringing back a bunch of characters from previous books/movies that don’t even show up at all in VDT. Ah well.

    Now I’m starting The Lightning Thief.

    And tomorrow I’m sleeping in for the first time all summer, since the World Cup is taking a few days off. Whew!

  4. OK. I finished The Lightning Thief. It was exciting. I definitely wanted to know what happened next. But there were so many things that were like Harry Potter, but also not like Harry Potter, it was kind of strange. Wizard –> Demigod; Hogwarts –> Camp Half-Blood; Voldemort –> Crazy Greek gods

    Anyway. I liked it. I think the author got a lot of inspiration from J.K. Rowling. But he made it his own with all the mythology stuff.

    Now I’m on to some more Chronicles of Narnia. A Horse and His Boy is next.

  5. OK, I finished the rest of The Chronicles of Narnia, the next three books of Percy Jackson & the Olympians, and two books by Jon Scieszka, his memoir of growing up with five brothers, Knuckleheads, and a very weird new one, Spaceheadz.


    Now I need to narrow down what books we’re reading for GR this year.

    Hope you’re staying cool in this crazy heat!

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