May Book Post – The Fear Place

Well, this is it! The last book of the year. It’s been a great one; probably the best attended we’ve had.

Our last book is The Fear Place, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. We’ve read this book in two past Guys Reads, and it was certainly a guy favorite.

This month, of course, we’re joining forces with the Mother/Daughter group for a mega book club BBQ party! Should be a blast!

Lots of things winding down. You’ve got a few weeks left to push yourself up the charts in the Blogger of the Year rankings. Earn points for comments, recommendations, and reviews!

Don’t forget to send me the name of a book you think might be good for Guys Read. I’d like to put a poll up soon, to give us time to vote on a choice. What do you think we should read next year?

See you soon!

Meeting: Thursday, May 27, 6:00 pm


2 Responses

  1. Sorry I missed everyone for the final night, but I had a prior commitment. I am looking forward to next year, and alll of the great books that Mr. Shaffer has planned. What is the first book going to be, so I can read it over the summer :)

  2. It was a wild party in the library, Mr. F. Maybe it was better you weren’t there….

    I think we had about 31 people, when you count guys, girls, parents, and a few siblings. Yow! What a celebration! Mr. H. was our outstanding grill master, and Bryn brought a whole package of Costco chocolate chip cookies just for me.

    Hey, I shared a couple.

    We didn’t talk about the book much, but that’s OK. We had a great time anyway!

    And I’ve got an idea of the books, but I’m not completely sure, and I don’t know the order yet. Maybe I’ll slip you a tip when I get it figured out.

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