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April Book Post – The Magician’s Nephew

Our penultimate book of the year! This month we move from “realistic” fantasy (is there really such a thing?) to high fantasy. Our second-to-last book is The Magician’s Nephew, by C.S. Lewis. This book is part of the Chronicles of Narnia, sometimes listed as Book 1, sometimes as Book 2, and sometimes as Book 6. In any case, it takes place before The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. If you’ve read that one, you’ll probably make lots of connections as you read. Many questions are answered.

We saw four different covers when we passed out books last week. Here’s another one to ponder.

We might have a special guest this month. But maybe not. I’m not promising anything.

Also, I’d like to have this year’s guys help pick one book for next year. Be thinking of a book or two, and we’ll discuss the choices at our meeting. Then I’ll throw a poll up here on the blog.

See you soon! Keep reading!

Meeting: Thursday, April 29, 6:30-7:30 pm


4 Responses

  1. This book sure is amazing to think just put on a ring and you can disappear. WOW!!!!

  2. I enjoyed this book it was an adventure, and that is my favorite kind. I enjoyed the part when they found the witch, and learned the secret of the witches power.

  3. I’m glad you guys liked it. I agree, it is very adventurous. Have you read other books in the Chronicles of Narnia? I haven’t read them all–I’m about halfway through. It’s fun to read this one and then The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (or vice versa), and see all the connections.

    It’s an interesting series, because it doesn’t have many characters that are in the other books. The events are spread way out from each other. They’re still good, of course.

    See you Thursday!

    And hooray for Riley’s first comment!

  4. Another good meeting, guys. Lots of discussion happening, some of it going on at the same time!

    It was good to welcome back Dakota for the first time since the first meeting. Plus, special guests Mr. H (for the first time this year) and Mr. D (for the first time ever!) made for some new and exciting conversations.

    Also, the apple cake was delicious.

    Looking forward to the last meeting, a BBQ with both book clubs! Should be a cracking good time!

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