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February Book Post – Ben Franklin’s Almanac

Hi-yahs, guy-yahs! I’m having a great time this year with Guys Read. Thanks for being a part of it.

Our book for February is our first (and only) nonfiction of the year. It is also the first time we have read a biography for Guys Read. I had to find the right one to start us off, and I think this is it.

The man guy is Benjamin Franklin, and the book is Ben Franklin’s Almanac, by Candace Fleming. I was lucky enough to hear Ms. Fleming speak a couple of years ago (she was hilarious), and I’ve been stockpiling this book ever since, waiting to bust it out for Guys Read. The book is very interesting to read because of the way it’s presented, and is chock full of odd anecdotes and clever tidbits from Franklin’s life.

Can anyone beat Mr. F’s ridiculously awesome commenting? He sets a high standard for the rest of us. Why not join the conversation?

I’ll leave you with Franklin’s advice for parents (page 16):

Pray let [children] have everything they like; I think it of great consequence while the features are forming. It gives them a pleasant air, and that being once…fixed…the face is handsomer for it.

So, keep those kids happy and their faces will form to a more pleasant look; but make them grouchy or grumpy and well…their faces are liable to get stuck that way.

What interesting tidbits can you find in Ben Franklin’s Almanac?

Meeting: February 25, 6:30-7:30pm


5 Responses

  1. I have just started the book, and it is amazing all of the things that Ben Franklin did during his life. As I was flipping through the book I made a text-to-text connection. The magic square that he made on page 47 is part of the plot in the novel “The Lost Symbol.” by Dan Brown. I hope everyone is enjoying the book, and I look forward to reading your posts- and I am wondering as I read what the treat will be…

  2. I found a YouTube video of someone playing the armonica, the instrument that Ben invented/perfected. It makes a pretty interesting sound. Sort of like bells, but not quite.

    I think it works the same as when you use a wet finger to make a ringing noise with a wine glass. Have you ever done that? When I do it in restaurants my wife gets mad at me…

  3. I was AMAZED at all the things he did in his life.If it wasn’t for him i don’t know if the United States of America would even exist.Quite an amazing person and an incredible journey throughout his life.We will see you all thursday night at GUYS READ the only place to be:)

  4. Great meeting last night, guys! I was wondering if we could talk about Ben Franklin for an hour, and I got my answer: Definitely!

    It was great to welcome Trevor, and see a bunch of familiar faces. We missed you, Mr. F!

    It was cool to hear the different things that the guys liked most about the book. From tin whistles to farts to oyster-eating horses and more! Yow!

    See you next month!

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