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December/January Book Post – Al Capone Does My Shirts

Howdy-doody, dudes!

Well, we’ve had six guys come to our two meetings this year, but only four at a time. We’re having fun, though. Maybe all six of us will make it to the next one. And more!

Our next book is a Newbery Honor-winning, historical fistion, Al Capone Does My Shirts, by Gennifer Cholodenko. I’ve read it a few times and I really like it. Can you imagine living right next to a prison full of hardened criminals?

You’ve got plenty of time to read this one, we won’t meet until the last week of January.

OK, guys! Have a great month, winter break, and keep reading!

Meeting: January 28, 6:30-7:30


12 Responses

  1. I haven’t started the book yet, but am really looking forward to it. I visited Alcatraz in 1989- and helped police catch a mugger at Fishermans Wharf in San Francisco on the same day – maybe I should write my own book. Come ask me about it, if you want. Alcatraz is an intresting place with a lot of history. This should be a good setting for historical fiction and I trust Mr. S’s opinion on books.

  2. I have started reading the book. I enjoy historical fiction, and so far it is off to a good start. It looks like the setting is in 1935 – During the Great Depression, which makes me wonder how it compares to today. One thing I found interesting is that Moose, the main character, has an apartement haswith an electric frig (new invention?), but it is too expensive so they are using an icebox- Like living with a cooler filled with ice in your house everyday? Very interesting how people used to live- and no TV- and the radio doesn’t work. What will he do at Alcatraz I wonder. Time to read some more!

  3. I can’t help but wonder as I read about how much Moose likes baseball to wonder who his favorite team is. I think back to the setting of the 1930’s, and I know that the Mariners came into existence in the 1970’s. The Los Angles Dodgers used to be in New York and didn’t move to California until 1940’s or 50’s. I remember reading a biography on Joe Dimaggio, one of the greatest players of all time, and he started his career with the San Francisco Seals- a Farm club before he went to the Yankees. They were the best professional baseball club on the West Coast in the 30’s and 40’s, so I wonder if Moose followed them since he lived in San Francisco Bay on the island- and when did the Giants start? I am only about halfway through the book, so maybe more baseball with Moose will come up.

  4. As I continue to read I see that he knows about the San Francisco Seals Baseball team- He wonders how much a ticket costs. Great book so far!

  5. Wow! Mr. F is blowing everyone away with his blog commenting!

    Can you imagine taking a boat to school? It’s not like your parents could just come pick you up. And on the other hand, it’s not like you could just come home. Moose, Piper, and the others definitely have a lot of independence and responsibility. But it would be hard to not be able to stay after school to play ball.

    I’m looking forward to Thursday! Time for me to start reading!

  6. I’ll be ther on Thurseday. See you soon!

  7. I would not like riding on a boat because I would probably get sea sick!

  8. Yes, riding a boat twice a day, everyday, would take some getting used to. I guess it wouldn’t be much different from catching the bus, after a while. But what if you missed the boat!? I guess you could swim. Or get someone to row you.

    See you Thursday! Thanks for commenting!

  9. I spent several summers fishing for salmon in Alaska with my grandfather. I spent every night for 3 months, sleeping and eating on a forty-four foot boat (about the length of a Meridian School Bus. I read a lot of books (no tv),

    The principal of my old school lives on one of the San Juan Islands that doesn’t have ferry service. She would ride in a boat each day from her house on the island to Anacortes, and then she would drive to school. It would be hard to have to ride in the boat every day…

  10. I think riding a boat to scool would be fun.

  11. I think eating and liveing on a boat would get dull.

  12. Is that what your dad says, Will? I agree, it would be tough to keep things varied.

    Did you hear they discovered Shackleton’s long lost whiskey and brandy?

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