The Sky King!

I was reading a magazine this weekend (magazines count as reading!), and found this. From Time magazine’s “The 50 Best Inventions of 2009”:

In early April, Takuo Toda, chairman of the Japan Origami Airplane Association, set the world record for the longest flight by a paper airplane: he bested the previous record of 27.6 sec. by 0.3 sec. Toda’s record-breaking design, called the Sky King, was made from a single sheet of paper, with no cuts and no gluing. He aspires to launch his planes one day from space — and then retrieve them once they’ve sailed to Earth.

It was wild that a paper airplane was considered one of the best inventions. You’d think it would be some crazy machine or cure or something. I followed the plans in the magazine and made it. It’s easy except for some steps near the end that are a little tricky. It flies pretty well!

I found a YouTube video of the record-breaking flight, and another great video of how to make it. Give it a try!


5 Responses

  1. I flew it in the gym after school. I think my best was about 5 seconds. And then it got stuck in the divider. Ah well.

  2. I think the best invention on that list is the invisibility cloak. I can be like Harry Potter and disappear and sneak up behind students and catch them if they are breaking the rules…

  3. Or the students could wear it, and sneak around without the principal seeing them. Are they making one that doesn’t work on teachers? That would be good.

  4. I would give the cloak to Mr.S to sneak home and grab chocolate cookies

  5. Sounds like a super idea, Will! I love cookies!

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