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The Summer Reading Post

What are you reading this summer? Anything good?

First on my list is the third book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, The Last Straw. I loved the first one, thought the second one was OK, and have high hopes for this one.

I might also try to reread all of Harry Potter. We’ll see about that one. That’s a lot of pages.

Have a great summer! Enjoy reading in the hammock under the apple tree (at least that’s what I’ll be doing)! See you next year!


2 Responses

  1. I have had a great summer of reading. I reread Harry Potter 6 and 7 (Did you get through all 7 Mr. Shaffer?). I read several mysteries and historcial fiction books. I am going to be starting Tuesdays with Morrie. My wife is reading it for her college class at Washington State University. I read to my grandchildren- they really like Clifford the Big Red Dog. Along with all the books I read the newspaper every day, and several magazines. It has been a great summer of reading! I’m looking foward to some school books (I have homework too) and our first Book Read of the Year. Welcome back!

  2. I did read the whole series. It took a while, and it helped that I was sick for a week. I was surprised how much I had forgotten about the last book, which I had only read once.

    I also read the third Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I loved the first one, but have found the sequels boring and aimless.

    Just a few days before I lose my summer and my summer reading! Better get back to my book!

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