May Book Post – Hatchet

We’ve read Hatchet before in Guys Read. To me, it’s the ultimate guy book. Not that girls wouldn’t like it. It’s just very…guy-ey. Still, it has such universal appeal that the Mother/Daughter Club is also reading it for May, and we’re combining into a big, TMC Book Club BBQ Reading Group Meeting Extravaganza!

We’ll meet on May 28, at 6 pm. Note the earlier start time.

I’m excited for this book. It’s a good one, no doubt about it. So much to talk about it. Plus, Mr. F. is a self-proclaimed Hatchet expert. So it will be good to quiz him a bit.

See you in a few weeks!


One Response

  1. We had a great last meeting, a great BBQ, and it was fun to have Elissa and her mom from the Mother/Daughter group join us.

    It’s been a great year! I’m looking forward to next year (I’m already thinking about what books to read). Have a great summer!

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