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March Book Post – The Book of Three

Hey guys! We transition as far across genres as possible for our next book; from nonfiction to high fantasy.

Mr. H., custodian extraordinaire, has been asking me to get a book from this series into Guys Read, so here we are! Our next book is The Book Of Three by Lloyd Alexander. It’s the first book of The Chronicles of Prydain.

I’ve read this book once, but I know some of the story from other ways. First, I remember having a Disney Read-a-long tape of The Black Cauldron. The movie was based on the first two books of the series. I don’t think I ever actually saw the movie, but I loved the Read-a-long book. My favorite character was Gurgi.

The other way I knew about this story was from a computer game. Basically, you walked around trying to find the Black Cauldron and save Hen Wen. It was kind of silly, but I bet if I had read the book back then, I would have beaten the game. I kept on dying at the castle. Sometimes the Horned King would get me, or the alligators, or I’d fall off a cliff or something.

Here’s an ultimate guy thing for you: Sometimes, I would walk the character behind a bush, press a command, and the bottom of the screen would say “You can’t do that here.” That always cracked my friends and me up.


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