February Book Post – Sasquatch

We are rolling right along. Our fourth book of the year is Sasquatch by Roland Smith. This book sort of blurs the line between realistic fiction and fantasy. I guess it depends on whether or not you believe Sasquatch exists!

Our members have an assignment this month: To recruit another member. Three’s a crowd, but we want a horde! We could really use a fifth grader or two. It’s Guys Read, not just Fourth Grade Guys Read!

And I’ll keep writing these posts, if you promise to keep not writing on them. Wait! I want you to write on them! What’s your excuse?


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  1. I thought it was cool when Curt Skip sliced the apple.
    It was really sad when the mountain blew and a tree fell and crashed on Curt Skip.Another cool thing was when dylan took his dad into the lava tubes were the sasquatch helped Dylan and his father get up to the road. It was sad how Dr. Flag broke his arm and Clyde and Mr. Jhonson dissapeared off the face of the earth.

  2. Oh my gosh! A comment! Thanks, Tyler, and congratulations for being the first student to comment this year!

    You’re right, Tyler. Not all of the ending was happy. Most people ended up either hurt, dead, or missing. Maybe only the Sasquatch made it through unscathed.

    We had another great meeting last night. Very lively discussion! Tyler and Brendan talked about writing another chapter to the book, to show what happened when Dylan’s mom got home, to find out where Buck went, and maybe some other things. That would be quite a project! And fun!

  3. Hey guys I finnaly got to the blog.Don’t ya think it’s wierd how Buck got dylan’s family keys and put a parachute and alot of money for the FBI agent,and dylan got bucks cane with his face carved on it?(oh yeah I ment to say the things were in the fridge,I know I didn’t)Well try to respond if you can.

  4. It is kind of funny, Brendan, about Buck and Agent Crow. They seemed like arch enemies. Or at least extremely suspicious of each other. Maybe Buck really didn’t want to be found this time around, so he fessed up to the hijacking and gave away the cabin. I guess he thought no one would come looking for him if he confessed, especially Agent Crow.

    Those are some interesting thoughts! Thanks for commenting!

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