November Book Post – Hatchet

Sorry to be so late getting this post up. I’ve been busy, but not that busy. Just hadn’t done it.

Our Guys Read book for November is Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen. This Newbery Honor book is perhaps the most “guy” book of all time. A great one for really digging into guy reading.

Last month was a great start, with our three guys and three parents (and three staff members). Hopefully this month will be even better, with another guy or two. Plus, Mr. H., our P.E. teacher, has said that he wants to come, too. Hooray for guys!

Remember to read the blog rules before commenting. Happy reading and happy blogging! See you in a couple weeks!


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  1. Another great meeting! Brendan and Tyler came, with Brendan’s dad and Tyler’s grandma. Mr. F also attended and Mr. H(PE) joined us for the first time.

    It’s fun when the guys start to get comfortable talking and discussing; Tyler and Brendan had a lot to say!

    We talked a lot about whether we would be able to do what Brian did. We had different opinions about it, though we thought that Brian probably wouldn’t have thought he could do it before he actually had to.

    Thanks for another great meeting! See you next month!

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