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April Book Post – Ghost Canoe

Hurrah! We had more than one person come last night! The club is on the upswing! Hayden came for the first time, and said he’ll be back (Yes!). It looks like Relijah might join up for this month. And Elijah is quickly becoming a regular attendee. It feels good to celebrate having fun reading together. Plus, I couldn’t have eaten all those s’mores myself.

Our next GR book will be Ghost Canoe, by Will Hobbs. It’s a bit of a murder mystery, with adventure, intrigue, and excitement thrown in. Plus, it’s set right in our backyard, on the very Northwestern tip of the Olympic Peninsula. Hayden’s mom and Relijah have read it, and both said it was great. I’m excited for them to read it with the club. Second readings always bring up new ideas and perspectives.

Okay! Keep reading! Write on the blog! See you in a month for Guys Read!


One Response

  1. Success! And record attendance! It seems like we’re just now really getting rolling. Too bad we only have one meeting left.

    We talked a lot about Ghost Canoe‘s unique and interesting characters, especially Dolla Bill, but also Lighthouse George, Kane, Captain Bim, even Nathan’s father.

    We also talked about the Makah culture, and the interesting, sometimes dangerous traditions that they had (and some that they still have!).

    Three cheers for Guys Read!–>

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