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December/January Book Post – Following Fake Man

Our December/January book will be Following Fake Man, by Barbara Ware Holmes. It is a mystery, with a good mix of humor and a bit of seriousness, as well. It comes highly recommended by our librarian, Mrs. B., and I am excited because it will be the first book we’ve read so far that I haven’t read previously. There are many copies in the TMC library.

A bit of a low turn-out for last night’s meeting (one guy; it can’t get much lower!). With all the reschedules, and the time of year, I understand. Hopefully, we’ll be back on track come January. If you missed last night’s meeting, please write your thoughts about Joey Pigza on the post for that book. Then we can all continue to discuss it.


3 Responses

  1. This was a great book to discuss. I’m glad Kyler S. and his mom made it; it was his mom’s favorite book so far, and Kyler’s second favorite. Elijah joined us, as well, and it was great to hear his opinions finally.

    Hello other members! Share your ideas with us! That’s what makes the blog so cool! You can be a part of the discussion, even if you couldn’t make the meeting! The only thing you really miss is the snacks (but we don’t mind eating your share).

  2. I thought Following Fake Man was awsome!!!! Even if I didn’t read the whole thing…..I liked the part I read. I like the little comics in the book. I think they’re hilarious! :o) I thought the artist had a fro. It’s pretty weird. He looks pretty ugly in my mind. ;( I think the pictures in the comics that showed his mom as a chicken and his dad as Elvis.

  3. That’s one of the best things about books, we can all picture the characters in our own way. The artist doesn’t seem at all ugly to me. And then, sometimes, we’re thinking the exact same thing. Kyler and I both think Roger looks just like this red-haired kid at the middle school, with a big, poofy, curly, head of hair. Like a red afro, sticking out in all directions.

    Thanks for writing, Christian!–>

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