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November’s Book Post – Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key

Success! Yesterday we met for our first Guys Read Club meeting, with outstanding results. We had a founding group of three guys and three moms. Hopefully we will grow both larger and closer in the coming months.

Our November book is Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key, by Jack Gantos, a finalist for a National Book Award. It’s genre is contemporary realistic fiction. In regular English, that means it’s set in the present (the “contemporary” part), and could happen (that’s the “realistic” part), but it’s made up (fiction).

Use this post to bring up issues, discuss favorite parts, or simply express your excitement about the book. It’s like the club is meeting in cyberspace, and the meeting lasts a month.

Remember! Don’t spoil the story for others who might not be as far as you! If you write about a part of the book that might spoil something, let us know by writing “SPOILER” and the chapter number (some copies have different pages) at the top of your comment. That way we can skip it if we haven’t gotten to that part yet, and come back to it later. Get it?

Have fun!


3 Responses

  1. Has anyone started reading the book yet?

  2. I’ll probably start it during Thanksgiving break. Of course, I read a little bit faster than most fifth graders (because of all my years of practice!). If you haven’t started it yet, I’d get cracking! Don’t forget to make sure your parent reads it, too!

  3. This was the charecters in the story .I like the passion in the story. How Joey keeps getting in trouble and they say he’s “wired”. I think it’s a pretty cool book. I like how his mom can’t take him any longer, yet she still loves him with all her heart. Now that’s compassion. That’s how every mother should feel about her child.If your mother loves you that much, she would care if you’re wired……trust me. Then he puts those pink bunny slippers on when he’s wired he has to sit in that chair.

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