October’s Book Post – Wringer

Our first book for the TMC Guys Read Book Club was Wringer, by Jerry Spinelli, a Newbery Honor book.

We met on October 27th (tonight!) to discuss this book, the issues and ideas it represents, and to enjoy being part of a reading community. It was exciting, all of us, loving reading together. And eating treats.

If you have more ideas about this book, or if something you really wish you had shared has suddenly, rudely, popped into your head (and just won’t leave), you are welcome and encouraged to share it by replying to this post. Then we can all talk about it, together, with the wonders of the Internet.


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  1. Mom was checking around on the net about where Waverly might be and the most likely is Pennsylvania. The author lives there and there is a history of pigeon shooting. It is interesting that most live pigeon shoots were discontinued in the early 1900s so do we think the book took place in an earlier time? Does that explain why the kids were free to wander the town at age 9?

  2. That’s some interesting fact-finding. Thanks Kyler and mom!

    When I read it seemed liked it was set in the present, but now that I think about it, why not earlier? There was mention of trains and bicycles. Everyone walked to school. But, then, there was also Crunchers cereal, pink baseball caps, freezers and Sprite, things we usually associate with the present.

    Maybe Jerry Spinelli decided to create his own version of time, where pigeon shoots still existed. Authors are allowed to do that, I guess. He took what he wanted from the past (pigeon shoots, kids running free, etc.), and combined it with the present.

    Wow! This is exactly what this blog is for! Congratulations on being the first to comment, Kyler!–>

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